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REALTROMINS, Inc. Develops New Family of Medical Devices to Help Critically Ill and Hospitalized Children.

Chapel Hill, N.C. – January 17, 2014: Medical software device startup, REALTROMINS, Inc., today announced it has developed and is commercializing a new family of medical devices to help critically ill and hospitalized children at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This new technology has been further advanced and enabled by running on IBM’s advanced InfoSphere Streams software.

The UNC-licensed technology, called REALTROMINS, stands for REAL-Time Risk Of Mortality and INStability. It uses patent-pending real time predictive modeling technology to continuously analyze electrocardiograms, laboratory data, and other types of big data to quantify a risk-of-mortality in critically ill pediatric patients in the Pediatric ICU, and is updated every two minutes. This advanced monitoring capability gives health care providers a continuously updated assessment of a patient’s status so they can respond quickly to changes in their condition.

REALTROMINS has created two additional devices using the predictive modeling technology – one to assess critically ill newborns in the neonatal intensive care unit and one for hospitalized children outside of intensive care. The project is also continuing to expand the line of solutions to include devices aimed at helping hospitalized and critically ill adults.

After completing a prototype in 2006, REALTROMINS Inc. was founded jointly by Keith Kocis, MD and Daniel Kocis, Jr PhD in 2007, and collaborated with a team of researchers from The Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI) and UNC’s Department of Biomedical Engineering to develop this transformative technology.

RENCI advanced REALTROMINS technology by refining the computer hardware and software architecture, allowing scaling from a small research system capable of monitoring 20 beds in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, to a system that that captures complex data throughout the entire 150 bed N.C. Children’s Hospital – as well as the adult N.C. Memorial Hospital. RENCI is all about partnership. Read their latest BLOG here.

IBM’s InfoSphere Streams technology now advances this development pathway. This technology allows doctors to interface with any health system’s IT infrastructure and to monitor thousands of beds in real time. It also positions REALTROMINS to further advance their current version of software as more complex predictive data elements are introduced into this advanced computerized analytic system. This advanced IBM software technology also enables REALTROMINS to extend this technology outside the hospital environment to disaster or battlefield environments.

“When I began this process, I had no understanding that just because you have a great idea, it doesn't mean it will be a great product or company. You have to work out a lot of variables to make it worthwhile. Without the entrepreneurship and venture-support programs at UNC and our business partners at SMARTCORE SOLUTIONS (Cary NC USA) that have catapulted the commercialization, REALTROMINS would not be here today,” said Keith Kocis, M.D., Professor Anesthesia, Pediatrics, and BME (Adjunct). “Further, IBM’s invitation offers our company a marvelous opportunity to demonstrate its value to hospitals everywhere and is a major step forward in our effort to commercialize this device. The future is bright and the impact on the care of critically ill and hospitalized children and adults will be transformed.”

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