Value Proposition

REALTROMINS is a family of advanced analytical medical devices that: provides an early warning to healthcare providers by tracking vital changes in critically ill & hospitalized patients; identifies at risk patients to facilitate better care; improves patient safety and outcomes; and reduces healthcare costs.

The VALUE for Health Care providers, Hospitals, & Health Care Systems are:

Decrease Mortality
  • During ICU stay
  • During hospital stay
Decrease Costs
  • Staffing (MD RN)
  • ICU vs Floor bed
  • Medical interventions
  • Liability
Improving Brand Value
  • Increased referral for ALL hospital services

There are other non commercial benefits to medical centers and society from the development of REALTROMINS since physicians and nurses in training can learn to recognize impending mortality and initiate/withdrawl therapies that can return these patients to health. Society will benefit from the quality adjusted life years added to the critically ill and hospitalized patients who recover from illness. Lastly, REALTROMINS will lessen the financial burden placed on society in caring for critically ill and hospitalized patients.